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Monthly Archives: March 2015

In order to disable the login alert for SSHD and cPanel/whm login it can be done from csf.

Open configuration file.

Choose below options and make it 0 (disable)

LF_SU_EMAIL_ALERT = “1” to 0
LF_CPANEL_ALERT = “1” to 0

For migrating Re-seller or Bulk accounts between cpanel servers

At current source server

cd /home
Create a directory called Migration_res (Any directory name which you can remember for migration process)

mkdir /home/Migration_res

cat /etc/trueuserowners |grep reseller_username | awk ‘{print $1}’ | cut -d: -f 1 > Migration.txt
for i in `cat Migration.txt`;do /scripts/pkgacct $i; mv /home/cpmove-$i.tar.gz /home/Migration/;done

At remove server Destination server

vi Migration.txt ( add all username which you want to restore)
cd /home/
rsync -va -e “ssh -p 22” root@destinationserverIP:/home/Migration/* /home/
for i in `cat Migration.txt`;do /scripts/restorepkg $i;done

Yes, it is possible possible to view webalizer stats without login to cpanel:

It can be done using the below simple steps:
cd /home/user/www

ln -s ../tmp/webalizer webalizer

chown username.username webalizer

cd ../tmp
chmod 755 ./
chmod 755 ./webalizer
This will allow domainname.com/webalizer/ for viewing stats without logging in to cpanel

We are able to connect using the FTP details thorugh filezilla but while trying to directory listinging it stuck and giving the error in server logs.

“Sorry, cleartext sessions are not accepted on this server. Please reconnect using SSL/TLS security mechanisms”:

In order to resolve check below steps.

The problem due to some ftp client not support the “TLS Encryption Support” so we need to change the ftp configuration.
1) Go to whm >> Service Configuration >> FTP Server Configuration
2) Set “TLS Encryption Support” as “optional”
3) Click on “save” button
4) Done