Sometimes you are not able to add addon or parked domain in your cPanel. You may receive the following error:

‘Park Wrapper Error’ – Error while adding Addon or Park domain in cPanel! Error from park wrapper: is already configured.”

This error occurs when the domain is not added correctly and a entry is left somewhere under your cPanel server.
It is mandatory to check the following files and remove the entry of domain you are facing “park wrapper” error
1. vi /var/cpanel/users/cpanelusername (remove the domain entry)

2. cd /var/named/ (delete the domain.db file)

3. vi /etc/named.conf (remove the zone entry)

4. vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf (remove virtual host entry)

5. vi /etc/localdomains (remove domain entry)

6. vi /etc/userdomains (remove domain entry)

7. cd /etc/valiases/ (remove domain alias file)

8. cd /etc/vdomainaliases (remove domain alias file)

9. cd /etc/vfilters/ (remove domain file)

Entry left in one of these files will not allow you to add the Addon domain. After removing all entries you will be able to add domains.
Give it try..!!