Sometimes you may encounter with the following error(s) while checking Email Trace option in cPanel:

Could not connect to mysql: Access denied for user ‘eximstats’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)
Starting eximstats: DBI connect(‘eximstats:localhost’,’eximstats’,…) failed: Access denied for user: ‘eximstats@localhost’
(Using password: YES) at /usr/local/cpanel/bin/eximstats line 258

Possible Solution for above error message

The reason of this error, is an inaccuracy between the eximstats password for cPanel and the real password for the MySQL database. To resolve this, you will need to update the password

for the eximstats user in MySQL using the following steps:

1. Initially check if eximstats is enabled at /var/cpanel/cpanel.config.

2. If yes, you need to get the eximstats password from the file /usr/local/cpanel/etc/eximstats.sql. At the top of the file, u will see like that:

REPLACE INTO user (host, user, password)
— IMPORTANT: Change this password!

Here, XXXXXXXXXX is the passowrd. Copy that password.

3. Login to mysql through root password and run the following queries:

mysql > update mysql.user set password=password(“XXXXXXXXX”) where user=”eximstats”;
mysql> flush privileges;
msyql> quit